About Me

I’m a Product Designer with a diverse design toolkit. I like making things that are highly usable, and visually stunning. I think using data to make decisions is nice. Context makes it cooler. But, heuristics are my favourite.

Right Now

Here’s my resume. Get it if you’re curious about me.


Ideas & Experiences

User Empathy

I have a keen sense for how individual users have different needs. Through phone & in-person support for Western University’s LMS, I experienced first-hand how users interact with a digital product. The experience always reminds me to get outside of my personal bias, and seek an understanding how others think.

Technical Skills

I got hooked on Photoshop in 2010, and haven’t been able to kick the habit.  Since then, I’ve grown my digital toolset to include Illustrator, Sketch, Balsamiq, Axure, HTML & CSS. My favourite design tool is still a whiteboard wall and marker.

Design Thinking

Don Norman, Tom & David Kelley, and Roger Martin have been instrumental in influencing my way of thinking about design as a vehicle for innovation in business & technology. I’ve embraced human centred design practices & principles in my professional and personal life.


I’ve been participating in, as well as lead, many digital media project teams over the past 6 years. My favourite teams are interdisciplinary in nature, full of transparency, respect, and high on collaborative energy.

Critical Thinking

I’m always critical of a new technology and its implications on a moral and ethical level. I look at how cultural and social interactions can be drawn upon in design. I think culture carries a lot of weight in how a technology is designed for and received by users. I guess you could say that I’m equal parts technological determinist and social constructionist.


I have a natural curiosity and excitement for learning & teaching. I’ve had the opportunity to teach English in a foreign country, work in Instructional Technology, and attend 3 different post-secondary educational institutions. I always try to bring an exploratory, enthusiastic, & engaging learning culture with me, by exuding my passion for new ideas & thoughts.