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Hello, I'm Tyler and I've been working as a product designer for a number of years now. While my primary craft is design, I've spent the last few years working at a startup where I learned to closely collaborate in code with engineers — and I love it.

I currently live in British Columbia Washington, where you'll find me on the mountain hiking or snowboarding. 🏔 🍁 🏂

Where I've Worked

Early Career Stuff

In 2015, I started my design career at an IBM design studio in downtown Toronto, with 20 or so other designers. I designed enterprise risk management tools for the OpenPages team. In some of my evenings and weekends, I started freelancing with a startup called PaddleHR to help them get their first product off the ground and raise a seed round.

In 2017, I took my second job at Top Hat right after they’d raised a Series C . I joined a team of 4 other designers. I led design for the student mobile app (iOS and Android), launched a new product called Top Hat Test (web), and led design for the Classroom Response team (web).

Joining Together

In spring of 2019, I left Top Hat to join Together. At this point, Together was just the two co-founders, had a handful of customers, ~$20k in ARR, and had just been accepted into Y Combinator. I joined with another engineer I knew from Top Hat, and the four of us moved to Palo Alto into a hackerhouse for the summer to build product, talk to users, get customers, and prepare for demo day.

Since then, Together has grown >50x since I joined, acquired big name customers including Disney, 7-11, AirBnb, Heineken, and a bunch more. We’ve gone from an initial team of 4 to a team of >15. We’ve raised a couple of rounds of funding and I’ve learned a tremendous amount about company building.

One Liners

Good design gets out of the user’s way.

Building good product is a team sport.

Talk to users and ship product.

Ship to learn.

Impatience with actions, patience with results.

Making This Site

I built this website using Keystone and Next.js. I used Tailwind to create my styles and Framer Motion for a bit of extra bounce. It was fun to spend time trying out neat new web tools.